10th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems

September 27 - October 2, 2015, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Knowledge has become the key strategic asset for the 21st Century and investing in knowledge really is the best strategy in rapidly changing markets. SDEWES Centre's Teaching&Training&Tutoring service covers services such as organization of summer schools, trainings and lectures on the various topics of sustainable development and also specialized tutoring for companies and institutions. These services can be provided as a part of the SDEWES Conferences or individually. Pricing depends on the number of participants and services included.

SDEWES Centre has successfully organized many different events such as workshops, summer schools and courses and its expert team will ensure excellence of every aspect of the event. SDEWES Centre guarantees competent lecturers, paying attention to details and high quality of services. All this will result in multiple benefits for both you and the participants. For achieving top results, it is recommended to combine T3 packages with sponsorship or M&A packages.

Teaching package - ideal for organisations who would like to organize summer schools in the field of sustainable development but don't have the time or capacity for the realization of that plan. With the help of SDEWES Centre you can have a successful summer school, fully adapted to your needs and hassle free.
  • Includes lecturers, technical support, course materials, invitations, web-page, on-line registration and more. Package is fully customizable.
  • Venue reservation and catering for participants (lunch and coffee breaks)
Training&Tutoring package - this service provides organisation of workshops/trainings for a wider audience or a specialized training/tutoring for companies and institutions. SDEWES Centre can cover numerous sustainable development topics as well as topics such as applying for European projects. Make sure your employees are up to date with all the latest news in the field of sustainable development and that they have the necessary knowledge for your company to become market leaders.
  • Includes lecturers, technical support, publications, invitations, dissemination, web-page and more. Package is fully customizable.
  • Venue reservation and catering for participants (lunch and coffee breaks)
  • Special brainstorming session for employees at the end of the event
  • Publications (booklets etc.) with the most important information presented at the event