10th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems

September 27 - October 2, 2015, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Finding a good employee, project partner or a PhD student can often prove to be difficult. SDEWES Centre specializes in networking in the area of sustainable development and can help you achieve your goals with a team of qualified experts. What makes SDEWES Centre different than an average headhunting company is the fact that the Centre has its own research group with vast experience in different European projects in areas of sustainable development, either as project partners or subcontractors, but also, because it has access to a large number of various experts participating at the Conference each year, often looking for a position or a project partner.

SDEWES Centre research group is a leading group in sustainable development of power supply, covering the following main areas: renewable energy sources, power plants technologies, optimisation and control, cogeneration technology and optimisation, energy management and energy efficiency, integrated environmental studies, energy policies and energy planning, sustainability, capacity building in energy and environment, energy related climate change and promotion of energy technologies, among others. The group has also big experience in research of combustion, radiation and pollution processes. This research group has more than 20 years of experience on various fields related to combustion technologies, industrial engineering, process control, energy management, environmental control, operating conditions and control of industrial furnaces and boilers, conventional and advanced power generation, combined heat and power systems, control of emissions disposal.

Through its international network (that includes representatives of universities and research institutes, companies and SMEs) the group can bring added value to various types of projects and project consortiums. Find out more information about SDEWES research group activities at one of SDEWES Conferences or by contacting us directly at sdewes@sdewes.org.

Matching ambitious individuals with the right career opportunities is a challenge and this is exactly what SDEWES CV database aims to do. It is intended for PhD students and Postdocs looking for a position, experts from the field of sustainable development looking for a job and companies and institutions in the search of a new employee or a project partner. The database is still in preparation and it will provide a place where individuals and organisations can fill out a detailed CV, mark their current status (employed, looking for a position etc.) and look for new listings and opportunities, while organisations can also publish ads and have full access to CVs. The database is interactive so users can communicate with each other and mark when they have successfully become partners in a project with another user. Database is free of charge for individuals (a fee is paid for personal listing) and a yearly fee is obligatory for organisations. SDEWES CV database is a useful tool that allows you and your institution to keep an up to date CV with the current status of your projects and also to see what the other users are doing.

Recruiting services are also available at the SDEWES Conferences in the form of brokerage and networking events and organised presentations of PhD thesis. PhD thesis presentation is a special side event within the Conference where PhD students who are in the process of making their thesis, have an opportunity to present their current research to fellow students as well as professors and experts in the field and hear their opinions. It also offers an opportunity to present their interest in a certain research area where some institutions have an opened PhD position. Presentation of a PhD thesis is free of charge.